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We have discovered in order to be successful and provide our clients with the best solutions possible, we need to develop alliances with industry leaders.  With access to each of our partner resources, we are able to provide our clients with the latest in industry best practices.

“Great companies seek to learn from the best but make sure that they retain the uniqueness that compels customers to buy from them.  They also have a genuine desire to improve themselves. They do this by studying what their competitors are doing well (and badly). They also know their industries inside-out.

They aspire to gain knowledge from people and businesses that operate far outside their market-place or industry sector. They look outside as a way to shake up thinking, challenge old behaviors and to gain a wider perspective knowing that it will ultimately lead to better decisions being made.” 

The Fallacy of “Industry Best Practice

Our partners bring a different perspective to the table and offer products and services that compliment the work we are doing.  By working with us and our partners, we can offer you a complete integrated solution rather than you sourcing disparate solutions,  negotiating with multiple vendors, and trying to integrate square pegs into round holes.

Executive-Coach-BerlinExecutive Coach Berlin – Executive Coach Berlin specializes in supporting executives through Personal and Professional Image Building, Speaker Training and Strategic Communications. Our expertise in working with leaders enables executives to get objective, accurate and insightful feedback allowing them to hone a consistent public image that positively compliments their brand.

The Global Speechwriter – There are speechwriters – good ones – who offer speechwriting services in a general sense, but there are very few who focus on the specific concerns of international leaders who need to speak to English-speaking audiences. I find that the one-size-fits-all approach to speechwriting isn’t really what these leaders are looking for. Instead they want a more customized approach and, at times, help navigating the stressful and pressure-filled experience of speaking to a foreign audience. I help with that.

Understanding eCommerceIntegrated eCommerce Solutionsour Product Capabilities deliver seamless management of all business sales channels while integrating in Back-Office and Front-Office functions to streamline operations. The modules are primarily aimed at meeting the needs of product based businesses – Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce, Distribution, Resellers and related businesses are examples of types of business categories that can take full advantage of the broad set of capabilities and the unique value proposition that the Understanding eCommerce solution brings to the marketplace.