Top Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are developed for wireless devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. Nowadays the use of mobile app has gone to a greater height than the desktop users due to several reasons.

For developing a mobile app a purposeful developer needs to be appointed who develops an app from the craze. But this process is highly time-consuming and costs very high. There are many things that need to be considered like data connection, smaller screen size, etc.

Top Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

Hence, to overcome all these problems several platforms are introduced which costs less and there is no need to have excellent programming skills. Hence initiating mobile apps on stores doesn’t require the company owners to spend dollars or months to develop it. It also simplifies the effort taken by the business owners to make the app quickly within the budget.

Here are some best platforms for building a mobile app which goes through deep into the market and is highly exclusive.


An app that lets you create an app that works well on iOS as well as Android platform. This app is developed with the basic tools like XML, CSV, HTML, PHP and JSON. It allows the user to see the preview of the content, checks for quality and user’s preference for content.

This app support all media types like automatic importing of RSS, Twitter, Google News Keywords and automatic refreshing of fan wall by which users can make a chat with each other in real-time.


App Builder is suitable for Smartphone that includes Android, iPhone, and iPod users. People can use the online toolkit to develop the app with the help of training and it has the features that help the developers to work with what you define and to occupy it with basic content.

Therefore it is suitable for employees, brochures, and clients with a different approach employing the users with the purposeful app library. The user can also personalize the app with the help of both public and private options using username and passwords and deliver the app through an app store.

Now broadcasting and updating the app is much easier where we can do all this by just in a click.



A cloud-based platform is used for Smartphone app builders that help to create apps on Android, iOS, and Windows with the approach of its built-in components. It has the options of both public and private cloud.  Since the app runs with the help of cloud there is no need to install or download the app which allows the user to get started quickly.

Drag and drops components are included to build the User Interface. The user can connect to any REST API and directly add a cloud database and backup process if they need to store data. The user can create their own plug-in catalog or create a common private plug-in to use.

With this app, a user can create a mobile development project with teams, customers and business users in real life. Building offline applications are now made easy with this app that works accurately without an internet connection.


An app builder supports cloud connections, social media services, real-time managing and for business purposes. It has user-friendly options that support drag and drops options and a powerful CMS that makes synchronizing the database through this app. The user can make a preview of the app developed before publishing and can republish the app if necessary.

The app allows integrating with other mobile advertising platforms like if the user needs to introduce their app on Apple or Android stores. With these options, a user can quickly create a revenue stream for their app, app subscription, deals and coupons and with support for all similar networks.

It has powerful user management tools and monetization options to give the robust solution for most of the requirements. Now the auto update is easy which make sure that the app is an advance of new Android and iOS updates.


As the name suggests this app is employed for creating the mobile app for series of business like corporate applications, online shopping, shopping cart, loyalty programs, dynamic content, comprehensive analytics, etc.

The user can right away update the app and correct everything inside without sending the app for lengthy updates with Google and Apple.

We can instantly create the app in minutes and customize it using pre-built in options on your own and it also has previews to check the process as the User design and develop the app.   


BY using Appmaker anyone can create a mobile app for Android, iOS, and HTML5 with no coding knowledge. It affords high-security standards by collaborating with industrial giants like McAfee and MetaCert and it has secure authentication control.

With this user can make any number of apps they need with unlimited updates. It also includes amazing features, pushes up notifications, live updates, video and music streaming, shared events calendar, chat rooms, in-app shopping, high-resolution photo galleries, Google maps and much more.

The user can do all this with the help of drag and drop options. You can keep checking the app through a dashboard and easily design the app’s look, its functionality, add contents with tabs, preview your apps in real time and distribute into the markets by a single click.


One of the most wonderful features where everyone likes is the gaming app. With Game Salad user can convert their creativity into gaming platforms like iOS, Android, HTML5, and OS X. Its drag and drop options allow the user to get started with the app easily there is no need of any programming skills.

It also has a community consisting of independent game designers that are available to help you when needed. Game creators characterize a scene and actor, editor where users can spend more time on game creation, designing attributes, pictures, sounds directing users.

It also has a recent tie-up with Amazon that features access to development options such as Kindle Fire Platform, in-app purchase and Game Circle APIs.


This application allows the developers to build another app by modifying each image and button options. The user can design their own layout by using layout manager and can choose navigation templates to raise the look and feel of your app.

It satisfies all your needs where toolkit provides options of adding audio and video blocks, prototyping, prefers icons, colors, fonts and structures the navigation path. By using drag and drop options users can merge different building blocks that offer the variety of features like information, photos, and videos. We can also make links with apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and online stores.

The user can design the app on their own personal style by choosing navigation paths, colors, fonts and icons in a simple and dedicated style. There are more options like you can preview the content and test the app on your own computer, mobile or laptops.

Once the process is completed, you can promote and publish the app, check the user data. This app takes care of all that the developer needs to get your app into Apple’s App Store and Google play Store.

Author Bio : Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is Developing Uber for X apps for the past 3 years. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

Top Platforms for Building Mobile Apps