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Learning from our mistakes

#Entrepreneurs #fail time and time again. The successful ones are able to learn from those mistakes and move forward. The unsuccessful ones aren’t able to do that.

Surely someone’s told you to ’embrace failure’ before. Here’s what that means, actually, and how to do it.

Turn Failures Into Stepping Stones: 5 Ways

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Strategy, Execution and the Role of Leadership

Companies need to address five much more fundamental, and difficult, questions. Let’s call them the “the strategic five”:

1. What business or businesses should you be in?
2. How do you add value to your businesses? (in the comments section of the article, Ken elaborates stating “how a company contributes to the performance of its businesses relative to their respective markets”)
3. Who are the target customers for your businesses?
4. What are your value propositions to those target customers?
5. What capabilities are essential to adding value to your businesses and differentiating their value propositions?”

Execution and Strategy is the personal blog of Craig Padoa. To quote Sir Winston Churchill – However beautiful the strategy, one should occasionally look at the results

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