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Executive Coaching for Business

Ever feel like you’re all alone running your business? We know the fear and frustration of launching a new venture – because we’ve been there ourselves. We recognize that it takes much more than financial support to get a company off the ground, thus we provide assistance in every aspect along the way allowing you to develop and grow a profitable business. #businesscoach #executivecoach #executivecoaching

Executive Coaching for Business

  • How Executive Coaching Can Help You
  • 4 Reasons An Executive Coach Is Worth The Money
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Understanding Venture Capital Term Sheets

Term-by-term teardown of venture capital equity and bridge note term sheets for startups and entrepreneurs. What to look for and what to avoid.

Venture Capital Term Sheets: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Reinventing Venture Capital

Venture Capital Business Is in Midst of Disruption, Says Mark Suster – Video

With capital concentration on the rise and the number of active venture firms now fewer than 100, by some estimates, VCs need to think differently, Suster said. If they do, “in my mind, it’s actually morning in venture capital.”

Venture capitalists can’t afford to be complacent about changes coming to their business, Mark Suster told general partners at Thomson Reuters’ Venture Alpha East conference in Boston earlier this mon…

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Women-led Companies Outperform

VCs That Back Women Beat Those That Don’t

Venture capital firms that invested in women-led companies outperformed those that didn’t, according to a new analysis of a decade’s worth of VC deals.

The least-connected venture capital firms are the most likely to invest in women-led companies

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