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Tenacious Leadership

What Wendy Davis’s Dramatic Filibuster Teaches Us About Tenacious Leadership

Stand up for what you believe in, and don’t back down

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Last night the Texas senator captivated the country with her epic filibuster in the state senate. But it’s far from the only thing she’s done.

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Talking to children about tragedy

A little off topic, but important.  As a parent, I want my child to be healthy and happy.  I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child in such a tragic event like we’ve seen in Boston this week.

Although we try the best we can to protect our children and shield them from the atrocities seen on the evening news, someday they will have to go out there and they should be prepared, the intent is not to scare them, but to offer them tools to cope.

And as parents we should remind ourselves that this life given to us is a gift.  We should cherish him, nurture her and above all else show them that despite sometimes terrible news the world is an amazing place filled with loving people.

The world is a scary place for a child without violent stories filling the news, yet after a week like this one where it’s almost impossible to avoid some exposure to the tragedies in Texas and Bos……

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