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How To Measure Your Life

Clayton Christensen Talks Venture Capital, Crowd Funding, And How To Measure Your Life | TechCrunch

Derek Andersen is the founder of Startup Grind, a 40-city community bringing the global startup world together while educating, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs.

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Iterations: The Tension Between Transparency And Privacy In The Startup Ecosystem | TechCrunch

The cost of this transparency is privacy, but not just for private companies and firms — but also perhaps for people, because a person’s reputation in our industry is tied so closely to one’s place of work, the drive for transparency might mean that individuals, in addition to firms and startups, may have to give up more privacy than they bargain for.

Everyone wants more transparency. It is part of a deep, fundamental trend. In government. In the workplace. Inside large systems like health care. And, more recently, around early-stage startup metric…

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