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Organizational Discovery Strengthens Your Business

This excellent article, identifies organizational discovery as the most important #management tool required when #business #growth becomes a #strategic imperative, and it discusses how to undertake the process of internal discovery within any organization.

Organizational Discovery is the process of mapping the business, people, systems, processes, and structure as it is today compared to NEW organizational goals.  The key is to effectively align the current business with where you want the business to go, determining what is working and what needs to be adjusted in order to achieve new objectives:

Is your organization ready to succeed? Unlock the single most important tool that you as a manager can utilize to grow or transform your business effectively.

The Single Most Important Management Tool to Grow Your Business

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Employee Engagement And Your Operational Strategy

This excellent article, suggests that operational strategy development must take into account the needs of employee engagement efforts, and it offers three tips to follow to ensure that both business strategy and employee engagement are mutually supportive.

The reality is, everyone is responsible for employee engagement – including the employee. Executives are responsible for their own engagement as well as creating a culture that facilitates quality engagement. HR is responsible for working with employees to understand and meet their development needs as well as partner with managers to help give action to these efforts.

Employee Engagement And Your Operational Strategy | The Leadership Advisor

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Steps to Community Building

Once you have goals defined, you’ve got to work on defining key performance indicators so that you can actually measure the goals that you have just defined (which translates to proving your value). The reason we define KPIs before we develop a strategy is for buy-in. We’ve found that it is important to have a discussion about KPIs to bring unspoken expectations to the surface. This provides an opportunity to get everybody on the same page. #strategies #community #kpi

There’s a lot of work that comes with building and managing a community. Check out these fundamental steps, and set yourself up for success.

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Strategic Planning

For most people, starting a business is more than hoping to get rich.  And since running a business can be very encompassing, it is important to understand why the entrepreneur is doing so in the first place.  Some people want schedule flexibility to be with their children,  Others want the creative freedom to develop new products and explore new ideas.  Others want to make the world a better place.

Whatever the reason, the business still needs a strategy to make money.   We work together to make sure your personal goals are compatible with a viable business idea.  You can’t make a better mousetrap, if you are worried about paying the bills. #strategy #businessstrategy #strategicplanning

Strategic Goals


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