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Work Your Differences

Having moved to Berlin,  I particularly liked –

“Your accent – no, seriously – have you ever been in a bar in the US with a Scottish accent? People will fall over themselves to talk to you. If you do videos, speak at conferences, record screencasts, or visit with potential investors/partners/etc you’ll be shocked at how you stand out from the crowd and attract an audience.”

If you’ve been reading this blog much, you know I’m something of a contrarian. One of Moz’s core values is, in fact, to be the exception to the rule, and a big part of that comes from my personal ethos of going against the grain.

7 Unlikely Recommendations for Startups & Entrepreneurs – Rand’s Blog

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Start-Up Advice from the Trenches

From not living with your co-founders to working multiple roles, these entrepreneurs tell all.

Question: What’s your most unorthodox/funny/strange-but-good advice to other start-up founders?

13 startup advice tips you never thought of

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All Great Entrepreneurs Have This

There is one thing and one thing alone that every great entrepreneur absolutely must possess: courage.

And courage is very rare in our world.  Numerous surveys of the population at large have shown that, above everything else, most people value security.

Most people will tolerate just about anything–a bad marriage, an intrusive government, a horrible boss, a job that they hate–if only that thing can make them feel more secure.

It’s sad, really.

But entrepreneurs aren’t like that. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship

Management skills don’t make an entrepreneur great. Neither does access to capital or innovative thinking. It’s something much more simple.

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Avoid These Hiring Mistakes

5 Startup Hiring Mistakes That Can Crush Your Culture

In short, we look for people with H-E-A-R-T, because they help us create a company we love. So we always weigh our impressions against more qualitative considerations. You should too. Think of it this way: The more experience you have – the more lumps you’ve taken and hard knocks you’ve received and mistakes you’ve made – the more “educated” your “gut.” While you should never go on intuition alone, if you have a funny feeling about a candidate… see that as a sign you need to look more closely.

And look more closely.

Taking on culture debt is risky and has a high interest rate. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring.

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