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When Stress Takes Over, Employee Burnout Can Set In

#businesses   can take a hit from #burnout , too. At least one study indicates that U.S. businesses lose an estimated $300 billion a year to  #stress, according to the American Psychological Association.

A changing world — and therefore a changing workplace — has many employees on the job and staring at screens for hours upon hours. Some have reached a breaking point.

When Stress Takes Over, Employee Burnout Can Set In

  • Six Sources of Burnout at Work
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Setting Goals to Match Your Personality

Do Your Goals Conflict with Your Personality?

It’s easy to verbally acknowledge an aspect of your personality that you recognize. It takes little effort to say, “I like to travel too.” But it’s another thing to set specific goals in this area (travel to where? when are you leaving?) and to begin working on these goals seriously, as if your life depended on it. I’d say you’re not really serious till your flight is booked. #goals

Since today is the start of the second half of the year, it’s a good time to update your goals. How are you doing so far with the goals you set (or refreshed) at the beginning of the year? Are you making good progress? Are you drifting or stuck? Did you fail to set intelligent goals to begin with?

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The 4 Fundamental Pillars of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about being more aware of our emotions and what they are signaling to us.

A complete summary of everything you need to know about emotional intelligence and how to apply it to your life.

4 Fundamental Pillars of Emotional Intelligence

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Regulation
  3. Empathy
  4. Social skills


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