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B2B Content Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn

4 strategies for successful B2B marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the key social network for business-to-business marketers, and tailoring B2B efforts through strategies such as encouraging discussion and the sharing of content is vital, Roger Katz writes. Companies should target potential audience members by developing follower personas that can be targeted by industry, seniority and even location, Katz advises.

Targeting content both on- and off-site based on LinkedIn personas opens up a rich new world of content marketing opportunity.

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Tools to Manage Social Media

Whether you’re a marketing manager for a large organization or an entrepreneur looking to build your business, social networks offer great potential for expanding your influence and generating new leads. The challenge? Keeping your social media outposts filled with relevant, useful content takes time — and plenty of it.

To keep your social media content flowing, let’s take a look at some of the top tools that can help you organize your efforts, increase your productivity, and demonstrate measurable results.

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Manage Your Social Media Content with These Top Tools


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LinkedIn Could Outlast Facebook

LinkedIn is the social network to watch, not Facebook, says Possible’s global CEO 

LinkedIn has what it takes to outlast and outgrow Facebook, and marketers should be paying the network more attention, says Possible CEO Shane Atchison. LinkedIn comes with built-in utility that will help it stay relevant to a maturing audience, long after Facebook’s star has faded, Atchison argues. “Facebook will become the birthday network, because it’s most relevant to you on your birthday — it’s no longer relevant on a day-to-day basis,” he says. #linkedin

LinkedIn is the social network to watch, not Facebook

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Social Media the new watercooler

The Coworker Network – How companies can use social networks to learn who knows what

Tools that connect people and knowledge in the workplace are not, of course, revolutionary. Any interaction between two employees can potentially be seen or overheard by others, says Leonardi. But we can only sit across from, or directly report to, a limited number of people. A social networking tool takes these fortuitous encounters and makes them both wide reaching and routine.

Meetings around the watercooler or over lunch are as traditional as the workplace suit and tie. But today, companies are looking for more innovative ways to bring employees together. Connecting people with different kinds of knowledge fosters new services and ideas.

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