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Why would you sell it, if you don’t use it?

Ten Ways You Can Start Your Own Business Doing Nothing

Eat your own dog food

I rarely invest my time or money in products I don’t use. If it’s going to be your next business you’d better live and breathe it all day long. You should use it, love it and be obsessed on how to improve it. Focusing on your own passions or products you love yourself is a good start. Of course the founders of 1-800-get-junk are probably not obsessed and in love with their trash but they probably got the idea because they had the problem themselves.

Many of my friends dream about starting their own business but they never do it.Here are 10 tips that might help you finally find your idea and get started.1. Do nothing, go get some fresh

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Should you fire a difficult client?

Answer by Helena Looby:

Absolutely YES. However make sure you are not just shooting from the hip – or you will get in the habit of just throwing in the towel every time you come across someone difficult to work with or to please. Get used to the idea that you have to work with difficult people.

Make sure you have done everything you can to win this person over. Write down all the benchmarks you use to win people over. In my experience some of the biggest a**holes at the start turned out to be the best clients in the end (no pun intended) because I did go the extra mile and tried one more thing before firing them.

There may come a time when all your steps,strategies and benchmarks are depleted and you have no choice because of the amount of headaches these people have created. When service turns to abuse you have no choice but to cut them loose. And good riddance.

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