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How To Be A Social Intrapreneur

How To Be A Social Intrapreneur: Persistence, Resilience, and Patience

Intrapreneurs’ productivity is superior to employees that are accustomed to the classic patterns of command and control, according to Teixeira de Morais. Moreover, the satisfaction generated by projects they champion that show measurable impacts increases the motivation of team members, and provides a positive climate for high-level collaboration.

So what is needed for a professional, who has good ideas and wants to become a successful social intrapreneur? “Be persistent, resilient, and patient,” Teixeira de Morais advises.

Why? Because “the complexity of such projects requires an ability to connect different relationship standards, profiles, and departments,” she said. “Perhaps this is the greatest contribution of an intrapreneur. It might be not easy, but it is definitely worth it.”

Most Brazilians, including emerging entrepreneurs, find their path to opportunities blocked because they cannot gain access to financial services. Without educational and business training, they have difficulty getting banks to provide capital for new products, and to scale-up their businesses.

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