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Career Skills You Won’t Learn in School

In addition to providing a helpful look at how to navigate the #jobmarket, the piece also includes tips and resources to help #jobseekers begin their search.

There are a number of skills important to being successful in the job market, but you won’t necessarily acquire them in school. These skills will not only help you to thrive as you make the initial transition from school to work, but also to manage your career for the long term. And they may be different from the skills that brought you success as a student. Your needs, the demands of the job market, and the nature of your field will all change over time. Developing career skills now, in the areas of planning, networking, conducting a job search, and persisting through the process, are critical to finding that next job, whether it’s your first experience or you are a seasoned professional seeking advancement. This guide will help you begin to navigate the job market and make the most of your online degree.

Career Skills You Won’t Learn in School – BestCollegesOnline.com

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