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How social influencers can boost your business

How to charm online influencers — and why you should #influencers #brandmarketing #brandmanagement

Reaching out to online influencers can be a good way to build buzz for your brand, but you’ve got to do it right, say Jay Swansson and Joe Griffin of iAcquire. That means being civil, human and interesting, and tailoring your outreach efforts to the specific influencer you’re trying to win over. “It should be a mutually beneficial relationship. Add value before asking anything in return,” Swansson says.

Q-and-A: How social influencers can boost your business | SmartBlogs

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Google+ for Greater Visibility

Looking to get more visibility? Add your Google+ pages in the comments below for others to like.  Obviously, as a courtesy, it would be nice if you liked the other pages on the list to help other group members visibility.

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Demonstrating Thought Leadership

When it comes to the complex B2B major sales process, SEO isn’t particularly relevant. It’s not about “getting found,” it’s about credibility. Find out what kinds of content are effective at boosting credibility and demonstrating thought leadership in the marketing of high-end professional firms.

Why SEO May Be Irrelevant When It Comes to B2B Thought Leadership

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21 Reasons You Must Become an Expert

As the Internet enters young adulthood, it’s starting to mature, meaning that the quantity of SEO terms a website has is quickly fading in favor of the quality a website or service offers.

What does that mean for the future of online marketing?

It means, according to Copyblogger’s Eric Enge, that it’s high time to become an expert if you want to attract an audience.

Here are twenty-one more reasons in case you’re not convinced.

For years the search economy built by Google (and others) allowed many people to make decent money by simply executing on certain SEO tactics more efficient

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