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Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

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According to The Book of Lists, fear of public speaking ranks number one in the minds of a lot folks…

Early in my career, I was asked to give a presentation on behalf of the company (actually, I was elected by default as no one else wanted to do it).  I was young and it involved a glorious overnight stay at Motel 6, so why not.   The last time I had spoken in public was a 4th grade reading of the Ride of Paul Revere – and to be honest that wasn’t so great, but hey I was 9, cut me some slack.

My presentation was as part of a business panel.  I had the concept of the presentation in my head and figured I’d just wing it.  (Really, first time speaking as a business professional and I’m gonna wing – smooth move!). My presentation followed a competitor’s whose presentation covered pretty much all the ideas in my head and he had Power Point.  I honestly don’t remember what I said, but it wasn’t good.  Needless to say I was never asked to speak again on behalf of that company.

I didn’t have a formal presentation, I didn’t practice and I didn’t have a backup plan.

Years and many companies later, I speak publicly and actually enjoy it.  How did I get here?  Practice and the willingness to speak at the opening of an envelope (for awhile).  So I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned along the way.

Don’t wing it.  Seriously, DON”T!  –  I am subjected to a lot of business presentations and amazed at all the very talented entrepreneurs who are well versed in the field but wing the presentation.  Yes, there is a need to be able to speak extemporaneously, but not when you have advanced notice.  The result is often a rambling discourse that covers all the bases but the longest 15 minutes your audience will ever have to endure.  And as for speaking from the cuff, that is why we have prepared “Elevator Pitches.”

Do you homework – Know your audience.  How much do they know about the topic?  Why are they here and what do they hope to get.  Have several versions geared to different audiences and their knowledge levels.

Stop already – One thing I’ve noticed is many speakers don’t know how to wrap up, so they don’t.  Less is More – say what you came to say and wrap it up.  Be especially sensitive to time constraints if there are other speakers.

Use visuals – It help illustrates the point and the slides can help keep you on topic.

Have fun – I was at a recent presentation where obviously the speaker was nervous and fixated on getting through the ordeal.  She wasn’t having fun, and neither were we.

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Public Speaking Tips That’ll Prepare You for Any Interview

Even Clark Kent needed to don a pair of tights and a cape to get up the nerve to confidently speak to people one-on-one, but a costume probably isn’t going to make a winning impression at your next job interview.

In lieu of gaining superpowers, Mashable’s Holley Murchison gathered five essential tips from the world of public speaking to help you put your best foot forward with potential employers.

Feel free to sport some Underoos under the suit, though, if it helps. #jobseekers #jobsearch

Here are five interview tips from the world of public speaking that’ll help you look just as awesome in person as you do on paper.

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Be a Better Leader Online

To become an online leader, support others.

Today’s hyper-connected world places a premium on social conversation and collaboration, making it nearly impossible to build a digital following without supporting others. As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used to say, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” But it’s important to be thoughtful about your online generosity. For example, when you share a link on social media, tell your online followers why you liked it or how it impacts them. Engaging with other people will show that you’re approachable, and will make others want to engage with you.

Here’s what separates the leaders from the followers online.

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Give Better Presentations by Avoiding These Mistakes

Warning: Do Not Read This If You Want to Give Awesome Presentations

Giving relevant, interesting and sharable presentations have been an instrumental part of our digital marketing strategy. That’s right, presentations given in real life are part of our digital strategy. In today’s connected world, when you talk to one person, you’re talking to 1,000. So it follows that when you give a presentation to 100 people, you could be reaching thousands or more.

If you’re investing in the optimization of your content and advertising, then why not optimize the performance of your public speaking? Don’t ignore the impact of such a powerful means for connecting with people that want to buy from you or who can influence others to buy.

Give Awesome Presentations

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