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Content Management Strategy

Picture this: You are a member of a small marketing team tasked with doing the impossible, such as – improve our search engine traffic, participate in social media, perfect content development, build our brand, enhance customer engagement, become cutting edge, deliver more quality leads, identify and define the direction for the product, run an influence marketing program, and so on.


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Why would you sell it, if you don’t use it?

Ten Ways You Can Start Your Own Business Doing Nothing

Eat your own dog food

I rarely invest my time or money in products I don’t use. If it’s going to be your next business you’d better live and breathe it all day long. You should use it, love it and be obsessed on how to improve it. Focusing on your own passions or products you love yourself is a good start. Of course the founders of 1-800-get-junk are probably not obsessed and in love with their trash but they probably got the idea because they had the problem themselves.

Many of my friends dream about starting their own business but they never do it.Here are 10 tips that might help you finally find your idea and get started.1. Do nothing, go get some fresh

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What was the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Answer by Ken Larson:

1. Do not promise what you cannot deliver.

2. Do not overextend your resources and get a reputation for poor performance.

3. Do not tell the customer what he or she wants to hear. Tell them what they need to know. They will respect you for it.

4. Network constantly on professional sites such as Linked In. Hit the “Answers” feature and accumulate an “Expert” rating from your peers in your field.

5. Blog like there is no tomorrow. A blog is quite different than a web site. Provide good, solid information free of charge and use blog searches for synergistic businesses to team with. Teaming is an absolute necessity these days.

6. Be prepared to provide information, samples and valuable service gratis as a marketing tool. Introduce yourself and then immediately engage the client with your presentation tools available to bring your expertise to whatever topic they are interested in. Let them take you where they want to go with their concerns and their needs. Apply your presentation tools and expertise dynamically on the fly in a sincere manner to those concerns and needs and you will be in demand for follow up business.

7. Quote and bill what the client can afford and grow with him (in content and resources).

8. Be dedicated to working yourself out of a job with a specific customer and having your client take over by training him. He will remember you and recommend you to 10 others.

9. Remember growth is a function of persistence and foresight. Know where your market is headed and get their first – then write and speak about your success indirectly by helping others. Demonstrate humility and a satisfaction in helping others succeed. They will find ways to give you credit. There are ways of tooting your horn without making peoples’ lights go out.

10. Word of mouth advertising from pleased clients is a sure ticket to success.

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