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Should You Let Employees Work From Home?

The Great Debate: Should You Let Employees Work From Home? Business on Main

Still not sure if telecommuting is right for your company? Why not start small?

“Sometimes employees work better in their own spaces. Sometimes they don’t,” says Emily Taffel, who lets employees at her firm, Mugsy PR in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, telecommute. “But you will not know unless you give it a try.”

Yahoo and Best Buy may have concluded that telecommuting doesn’t work for their companies anymore, but it could still make sense for your business.

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Telecommuting from the Manager’s Perspective

With Google and Facebook constantly poaching one anothers employees, I’ll bet headhunters are licking their lips when they see a big Internet company (Yahoo) making such an unpopular move. The fact is, talented people are in high demand, and telecommuting is a way to reward them while simultaneously helping to keep them plugged in for more hours of the day.

Whether or not it’s a smart move for Yahoo, Marissa Mayer certainly ignited a firestorm of debate when she pushed through a company-wide telecommuting ban for the iconic Internet firm. Unsurprisingly,…

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