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Calmness is Contagious

The fact is, calmness is contagious, and so is stress. If you’re freaked out about a deadline at work, it’s just going to stress out your coworkers. Even if you’re gnawing pencils in half when nobody’s watching, keeping a straight face and being confident when others are around is incredibly important. #leadership #leadershipdevelopment

When life gets stressful, the last thing you need is to be surrounded by other people who are freaking out just as much as you. It’s possible to keep everyone calm though by projecting calmness yourself, even if you’re faking it.

Keep Calm Under Stress, and Those Around You Will Follow Suit


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The Power of Coaching

Coaching Makes the Difference #executivecoach #businesscoach

It’s always been interesting to me why so many businesspeople have trouble making that leap. It’s just not possible to play a sport at any kind of competitive level without a coach. The top leaders in business are realizing that the same is true in their world. You’d be surprised how many of your competitors now work with business coaches, though they might not admit it to you. What’s in the way of you giving yourself this resource?

Andy Murray, Scotland’s first Wimbledon singles champion since Harold Mahony in 1896, can tell you. His man behind the scenes was his coach, Ivan Lendl, …

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Leadership Skills From the Boxing Ring

“Power is useless if it misses its target.”

That’s a superb analogy for any entrepreneur who’s chomping at the bit to launch a new product or service, and dazzle the world. The best planned product or service will fail miserably if it doesn’t solve a customer want or need.

Boxing is a lot like business, and leaders can learn a great deal from what goes on in the ring, writes Steve Cody, a co-founder of Peppercomm. Boxers practice the same moves over and over to be ready to react instinctively when the moment demands it, and they learn that raw power matters less than the ability to direct and channel one’s energy and aggression accurately and productively. Both lessons transfer directly into leadership situations, Cody argues.

In five years of boxing, I’ve discovered benefits beyond the physical ones from my trainer, Eric Daniels. Here’s what to take back to the boardroom from the gym.

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Are You a Leader?

EMyth Weekly Blog Article: Are You A Good Leader, Or Just A Busy One?

Making room for real leadership work isn’t easy. It’s much more comfortable to check your email again, or elbow-in on a customer service issue where you know you can add a little value. But your job isn’t to add a little value here and there, it’s to add a lot – to inspire, to have vision and to be a sounding board for other people’s ideas. #leadershipdevelopment #leadershiptips

The solution to getting out of the overwhelm is self-management & organization, and nothing will change until you do. The good news is it doesn’t take much.

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