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Organizational Discovery Strengthens Your Business

This excellent article, identifies organizational discovery as the most important #management tool required when #business #growth becomes a #strategic imperative, and it discusses how to undertake the process of internal discovery within any organization.

Organizational Discovery is the process of mapping the business, people, systems, processes, and structure as it is today compared to NEW organizational goals.  The key is to effectively align the current business with where you want the business to go, determining what is working and what needs to be adjusted in order to achieve new objectives:

Is your organization ready to succeed? Unlock the single most important tool that you as a manager can utilize to grow or transform your business effectively.

The Single Most Important Management Tool to Grow Your Business

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Leadership turning Problems into Opportunities

The ability to not just solve a problem but to turn that problem into an opportunity is the mark of true #leadership. It may sound trite or obvious, but once you dig in and try it, you’ll find it requires nuanced thinking and old-fashioned humility. To sit down and intentionally think about the #problems you have in your #business, to write them down, and then to do something with the list is more of an effort than most (admittedly busy) leaders are willing to make. But imagine the growth that could take place if you strategically focused on reversing value–on taking the things that diminish value in your business and turning them into things that add value.

There’s a difference between fixing a problem and refashioning the problem into something that reaps rewards later on.

Leaders Don’t Fix Problems, They Turn Them Into Opportunities

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Six Common Leadership Pitfalls

By Jack and Suzy Welch #jackwelch #leadership #leadershipdevelopment

Being a leader is perhaps the hardest challenge any of us will ever face. No matter how long we work at it, practicing the right behaviors is a never-ending task. Knowing – and avoiding – the wrong ones is too. Thus, we offer the following six common leadership pitfalls:

The Six Deadly Sins of Leadership

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Qualities of Visionary Leaders

Projects, programs, properties, or profits are about goals. #goals   express vision. But vision itself is always about people not deliverables. #goalsetting #goalsmotivation

Vision always centers on people never projects, programs, properties, or profits. Vision focused on anything other than people is ego driven exploitation.Vision answers the question, “How will we make the world better for others?

The Seven Qualities of Visionary Leaders

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