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Time to Move On

What are your warning signs that it’s time for something new? Is it losing passion for your work, feeling stifled or finding an amazing opportunity you can’t pass up?

Finding a new job can be daunting, especially when you’re consumed by your current one. Even though I wasn’t happy at that company anymore, I wasn’t aggressively trying to find a new job. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next and I really enjoyed most of the people I worked with. So how can you leave familiar territory and find work you’ll really enjoy? #jobsearch

The Ultimate Sign It’s Time to Leave Your Job | LinkedIn


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Job Interview Rejection

How to Cope With a Job Interview Rejection: Learning From Mistakes – by Dumb Little Man 

Rejection is an unfortunate aspect of daily work life, but like most things, it’s within your power to either sail through it easily, or with a lot of bumps.  #jobsearch #jobseekers

Job hunting can be a grueling and demoralizing experience. The troubled job market worldwide has created an overabundance of qualified candidates, many competing for the same job. Hunting for a job not only means having the right qualifications, developing a sterling resume, a killer influence …

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Job Applicants Stop the Social-Media Sabotage

6 ways job applicants shoot themselves in the foot on social media

More than 40% of hiring managers say they have passed on a job candidate because of content on their social media profiles, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Among the most common red flags were racy photos, references to alcohol and drug use, and rants and name-calling relating to previous employers. #jobsearch #jobseekers

Companies are finding more inappropriate content on job applicants’ social media profiles

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