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Changing the Way We Lead

To be significant, you must focus on creating impact that can reverberate throughout the organization.    This means that you must share the momentum that you build with others.   Over time, this behavior becomes sustainable and your significance as a leader takes root.

Leadership is about sharing, giving – making those around you better.   Leadership is about uniting and inspiring teams to optimally perform.   Leadership is caring about a societal cause that the business can influence.  This is what most businesses refer to as corporate social responsibility.    Leadership is indeed a social responsibility, yet many people are out of touch with how to be an effective leader.   Many people believe that because they carry an important title or have tenure within the organization, others will automatically follow them.   Today, leadership is much more than just authority – it’s about being ethical and staying true to your beliefs and values.

5 Things People Must Change About The Way They Lead

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Investing in Yourself

Do You Invest in Yourself?

I want you to commit to investing in your development, in your growth, and your intentions to build a better community around you. How will you do it? Which paths will you take? And will you choose this over just snacking on whatever’s around?

It took a long time to realize that I should invest in myself, that I should put my own mask on first, etc. Too long. To that end, I wanted to share some thoughts with you. When I was in my 20s, I ……

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