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‘Spying’ with social to get a leg up on the competition

Monitor competitors’ social activity for more leads, better marketing

Spying on the competition via social media can be a great way to compare marketing strategies and discover leads by seeing who’s entering the research phase, according to Stephanie Winans, a digital media strategist. “It’s not just about stats. It’s about conversation and what’s going on in their business. When you can see their content, you get a competitive edge by following their conversations,” she says.

BtoB Magazine is the publication for b2b marketing strategists.

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Your Career Needs a Top-Notch Public Image

If you want to boost your career prospects, then you need to proactively manage your public image. This includes not only your social media presence, but also your professional reputation. In today’s article, I’ll focus on social media.

Every time you go online, you are impacting your public image. Have you thought hard enough about the type of image you want to create?

The bottom line: The first step to creating a solid public image is to do so proactively and not just accidentally.

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Content Management Strategy

Picture this: You are a member of a small marketing team tasked with doing the impossible, such as – improve our search engine traffic, participate in social media, perfect content development, build our brand, enhance customer engagement, become cutting edge, deliver more quality leads, identify and define the direction for the product, run an influence marketing program, and so on.


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