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Ambitious Women – A Rise in Female Entrepreneurs

Harvard professor Nancy Koehn discusses a rise in the number of women in business in this female entrepreneur speech. She expresses excitement about the large number of women leaping into the business world, be it to open up a small shop or to start a more unconventional business.

This #keynote   #speech  examines the rise in #female   #entrepreneurship

Ambitious Women

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Happy People Have The Hardest Jobs

Why The Happiest People Have The Hardest Jobs | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

A meaningful, happiness-generating career, then, will include a sense of engagement–or even devotion–to the work one does. And while engagement is a predictor of success on a global level, less than half of American workers have it. #career #jobs

Happiness is not about working the hardest it’s about having the most challenging work. Harvard prof Rosabeth Moss Kanter explains.


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