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Why would you sell it, if you don’t use it?

Ten Ways You Can Start Your Own Business Doing Nothing

Eat your own dog food

I rarely invest my time or money in products I don’t use. If it’s going to be your next business you’d better live and breathe it all day long. You should use it, love it and be obsessed on how to improve it. Focusing on your own passions or products you love yourself is a good start. Of course the founders of 1-800-get-junk are probably not obsessed and in love with their trash but they probably got the idea because they had the problem themselves.

Many of my friends dream about starting their own business but they never do it.Here are 10 tips that might help you finally find your idea and get started.1. Do nothing, go get some fresh

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The 10% Strategy: Growing Your Business by Making Small Incremental Changes

Know Your Numbers

If you are not monitoring the numbers of your business, you are not managing them. Too many small business owners leave their accountant to look after the financial side of their business. This is a dangerous game and one that can create a big headache at the end of the year if you encounter a problem that should have been addressed much earlier.

It’s really important to get a handle on all of the financials of your business and to monitor these on a monthly basis, this avoids any end of year “surprises”. The most effective way to increase your profits is to understand every single cost in your business.┬áPay particular attention to your marketing spend, is it delivering results or are you paying for services you are not using to their full potential? Do you really need that subscription? Be brutal, if it is not generating an return on investment cut it out.

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