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Finding A Job After 40

Finding A Job After 40One of the amazing things about what we do is the people we get to meet along the way.  Recently, we caught up with our friend and fellow coach – Alexandra von Hahn.  Alexandra is a serial entrepreneur, author and coach currently living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  Originally from Santiago, Chile – she speaks Canadian English, German, Español and French.

Fortunately, I was able to understand her Canadian English without a translator!

When she is not working with her coaching clients, she can be found whipping up some exquisite culinary delights to featured in her soon to be released cookbook. Alexandra was gracious enough to share her thoughts about Finding A Job After 40.

Finding A Job After 40

Due to changes in the global economy, many executives are finding themselves back in the job market.  Is job seeking a young person’s game?

My answer will be based on my personal experience in Abu Dhabi.

Yes, predominantly under 45. Above 45 those who have and are still being coached by me are not necessarily searching for new ”jobs”. They seek to find what they ”love” or like to do or have been wanting to do all their lives.  Therefore, resulting in ”creating” their own  job.

By choice?

My clients – yes, however, according to many other coaches not necessarily by choice. Many who have either lost their jobs above the age of 45… tend to be searching for a job until they realize that they are not necessarily respected  as they were when they were younger….

It may take them 6-12 months , when they ”YIELD” to the idea, that they may consider  what their LIFEPATH may be.  Yield does not mean the same as resign

What advice do you offer them?

This is where I often come in to the picture… and I present myself as a FACILITATOR. Advice.. very little.. however, I ask the following questions: What   would you like to see yourself as or what would you  like to be doing in 2 years time?

If the answer is: ”I do not know” – then I would have him/ her tell me a story in their lives when they were the happiest… regardless what they experienced.

Most executives have many answers ready… however, after I ask them 3-10 questions they realize and admit to themselves that they feel that they are in search of a more meaningful job or mission.  This is when introduce them to a self-actualization session. I ask and they answer … often they talk and enjoy talking about their moments in their lives when they felt enjoyment in what they were doing

Do you recommend they seek additional training or education to pursue these new paths?

Yes, I do – however – after we have found what he/she wishes to do for the next 2-5 years.

Often, late career changes can mean a change in lifestyle. Is this a concern for your clients?

Interesting question…. It is also a very sensitive question for most executives.  The income is definitely important… very much so.  Their concern is what their income will be once they have resigned from their present position. Often I  suggest them NOT to resign until they have prepared themselves (1 year)  with their newly created co. or have found a new job.

Executives seem to be at 50+ mainly concerned .. after they no longer enjoy their present position to find what their LIFEPATH is. Once found what their LIFEPATH is, this is when they are ready to talk about lifestyle changes.

What advice would you offer someone recently laid off, and over 40?

  1. This is when I take my time to have them realize what the word ”Acknowledgment” means. They learn to acknowledge themselves for all their hard work until the day they were laid off.
  2. If they have a family, first they he must make sure that in the meantime to be covered and supported by social security or any other support system in his region.
  3. Here we discuss what he/she wishes to do search for his/her favorite job — anywhere – or create his/her own company.

If our readers want to learn more about you, where can they find you?

alexandra von hahn: www.canadian-cheesecake-co.de or www.catwalk-with-me.com

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