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Avoid These Hiring Mistakes

5 Startup Hiring Mistakes That Can Crush Your Culture

In short, we look for people with H-E-A-R-T, because they help us create a company we love. So we always weigh our impressions against more qualitative considerations. You should too. Think of it this way: The more experience you have – the more lumps you’ve taken and hard knocks you’ve received and mistakes you’ve made – the more “educated” your “gut.” While you should never go on intuition alone, if you have a funny feeling about a candidate… see that as a sign you need to look more closely.

And look more closely.

Taking on culture debt is risky and has a high interest rate. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring.

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Reinventing Venture Capital

Venture Capital Business Is in Midst of Disruption, Says Mark Suster – Video

With capital concentration on the rise and the number of active venture firms now fewer than 100, by some estimates, VCs need to think differently, Suster said. If they do, “in my mind, it’s actually morning in venture capital.”

Venture capitalists can’t afford to be complacent about changes coming to their business, Mark Suster told general partners at Thomson Reuters’ Venture Alpha East conference in Boston earlier this mon…

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