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Germany Expands EU Small Business Financing

Portugal and Greece are interested in the same kind of support for lending to small business that Germany agreed with Spain this week, a spokeswoman for the German finance ministry said on Saturday, but they will need a state financing body to qualify.

Germany, blamed by citizens in southern Europe for insisting on spending cuts and structural reforms in exchange for bailouts, is keen to shore up its image as the risk of social and political unrest grows.

Germany could expand small business loan scheme to EU strugglers

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Financial Literacy for Small Business

We work with business owners and executives to help them “get” the numbers.

We make sure that you understand the finances in your business – both in the financial reports and in how your business supports (or doesn’t) your goals and aspirations. We make sure that your numbers have real context and that you “get it” so you can succeed in your business.

We provide financial literacy services that are completely focused on business. We know the language and will speak it regularly with you.

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