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Why the US-EU trade deal matters

Tearing down trade barriers between the world’s two largest economies will not happen overnight, and nothing will be signed on a deal before the end of 2014.

There are two key elements – the reduction of tariffs and the harmonizing of regulations.

Six reasons why the US-EU trade deal matters

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Germany Expands EU Small Business Financing

Portugal and Greece are interested in the same kind of support for lending to small business that Germany agreed with Spain this week, a spokeswoman for the German finance ministry said on Saturday, but they will need a state financing body to qualify.

Germany, blamed by citizens in southern Europe for insisting on spending cuts and structural reforms in exchange for bailouts, is keen to shore up its image as the risk of social and political unrest grows.

Germany could expand small business loan scheme to EU strugglers

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Europe: Why Diversity is Key to Recovery

If there’s only one positive effect of the crisis, it’s that it has sped up the process that leads to a more “federal” Europe. There will be areas in which countries will have to share parts of their sovereignty, but, overall, our own European federal model is still for us to build. And it will have to both preserve our diversity and ensure enhanced unity along democratic lines. For us and for the next generation.

At a time when more and more Europeans seem to lose confidence in the Union and express open doubts about the benefits of economic integration and even the Euro, I see it as a must to reaffirm my

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