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Immigrant Entrepreneurs More Likely to Start Businesses

First-generation immigrants to the U.S. are 27 percent more likely to start businesses than non-immigrants, and nearly twice as likely as are second-generation Americans. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur

First-generation U.S. immigrants are more likely than non-immigrants to start businesses because they are more optimistic and less fearful of failing, a recent study says.

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What you do matters

Changing the world is about making the choice to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep running.  It’s a process – like anything that really matters.  So keep innovating, building, working, developing.  What you do matters. #advice

DON’T FEEL IT. In the realm of innovation, social entrepreneurship, strategy, development, what do you do on those days when you just don’t feel it? When you want to give up and pretend you never started? When you want to throw away those plans or that model or this document because it no longer …

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Strategic Planning

For most people, starting a business is more than hoping to get rich.  And since running a business can be very encompassing, it is important to understand why the entrepreneur is doing so in the first place.  Some people want schedule flexibility to be with their children,  Others want the creative freedom to develop new products and explore new ideas.  Others want to make the world a better place.

Whatever the reason, the business still needs a strategy to make money.   We work together to make sure your personal goals are compatible with a viable business idea.  You can’t make a better mousetrap, if you are worried about paying the bills. #strategy #businessstrategy #strategicplanning

Strategic Goals


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Entrepreneurship Lessons You Won’t Learn in College

While the information you gained from your college accounting class may be pertinent to running a business, if you can’t read a profit-and-loss statement or analyze a balance sheet you may be in trouble. But it isn’t the whole story. Chances are you’re venturing out into the business world without an understanding of how money and taxes work. Buy a book, take a class or do some online research to figure out how to maximize your profits, invest your income and keep revenues rolling in.

Think college taught you everything you need to know about the real world? Think again.

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