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Gaining Confidence as a New Entrepreneur

No matter how nervous you are, the most important step in gaining #confidence as an #entrepreneur is putting yourself out there and actually running your #business.

After holding exactly two “normal” retail jobs in college, I decided that I got around zero satisfaction from working for a corporation, and that my real professional ambition in life was to call my own shots, work on my own terms, and start my own business. This decision absolutely thrilled me.

Starting A New Business? Here Are Some Of The Quickest Ways To Gain Confidence As A New Entrepreneur – by Dumb Little Man

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Qualities for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Are entrepreneurs born or made? This is a question endlessly debated in start-up circles.

As an employee, Angel and Venture investor, participant in social entrepreneurship, and teacher, I’ve seen 5 essential qualities in common for entrepreneurial leaders:

5 Essential Qualities for Entrepreneurial Leadership

In your own self assessment of whether you are an #entrepreneur, take stock of which of these 5 capabilities come naturally to you, and for those that don’t, develop a plan to systematically learn the others. #leadershipdevelopment #leadershipskills #leadershiptips

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Start-Up Advice from the Trenches

From not living with your co-founders to working multiple roles, these entrepreneurs tell all.

Question: What’s your most unorthodox/funny/strange-but-good advice to other start-up founders?

13 startup advice tips you never thought of

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Business Values That Really Matter and Why

Problems fester when teams are not open and honest, especially with diverse teams where there are a lot of differences of opinion. As a #leader you need to create a culture that rewards and promotes honesty, even if you disagree with something. It is also important to be bold — especially if you are an entrepreneur and you want to impact the country and change the world. That takes guts and courage. #leadershipdevelopment #leadershiptips

We asked prominent Stanford GSB alumni an open-ended question: “What values are important to you in business?” Below you’ll find a combination of personal maxims and principles that may guide your own business values.

10 Core Business Values That Really Matter and Why

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