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17 Successful People Share The Best Career Mistakes They’ve Ever Made

LinkedIn recently asked more than 60 of its influencers what their “best career mistake” was — something that seemed like a disaster at the time that ended up being incredibly beneficial.

More proof that failure is just one step in the process.

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Avoid These Hiring Mistakes

5 Startup Hiring Mistakes That Can Crush Your Culture

In short, we look for people with H-E-A-R-T, because they help us create a company we love. So we always weigh our impressions against more qualitative considerations. You should too. Think of it this way: The more experience you have – the more lumps you’ve taken and hard knocks you’ve received and mistakes you’ve made – the more “educated” your “gut.” While you should never go on intuition alone, if you have a funny feeling about a candidate… see that as a sign you need to look more closely.

And look more closely.

Taking on culture debt is risky and has a high interest rate. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring.

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Learning Something May Improve Your Career

Go Learn Yourself Something New

What do you want to do? Stop thinking about who could teach you, and go “learn” yourself something! #executivecoach

Early on in my career, my ignorance gave me the confidence to start my company. I’ve learned a lot of things since then, but I still find value in things I don’t yet know. I haven’t been formally

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Would you rather work for or with a company?

Top Performers Never Work “For” A Company

So, which would you rather? Work “for” or “with” a company?

I believe we need employers and they need us. I believe we can free ourselves of The Golden Handcuff Effect and partner with employers to do great things. But most importantly, I believe it begins with deciding to stop working “for” a company and start working “with” them. #careeradvice #performance #workforce

I recently got asked:What’s the one key difference you see in top performerscompared to the rest of the workforce?My answer: Top performers never see themselves as working “for” a compan…

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