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Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

Out of sheer necessity, a #pooreconomy always leads to an increase in #entrepreneurial #ventures. A percentage of people who can’t find jobs, or those who lose the jobs they had, start their own #businesses. Even still, it was clear in 2009 that this time was different. These young people who were finding success (however defined) weren’t starting traditional, “old-school” businesses with slow-growth trajectories. In fact, it was clear that they had no intentions of modeling what they were doing on anything remotely resembling “old-school” or “ordinary.” In other words, they weren’t opening bakeries or bike shops. They were reinventing bread—and rethinking the wheel.

In the middle of the economic meltdown that was 2007-2009, James Marshall Reilly noticed a particular new breed of high-minded entrepreneur who, well, didn’t seem to be melting. It was peculiar all right. Not only was this new breed making money hand over fist, they were doing so by trying to make the world a much better place.

The 15 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn: The Wisdom Of Tony Hsieh, Blake Mycoskie And Many Others

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Great Leadership: Tips for Career Success

Every year, strive to add at least one bullet to your resume. In order to do that, look for “resume building” projects or challenges. #careeradvice #leadershipdevelopment #leadershiptips

Be nice to people. Or, at least just don’t be a jerk. Not selectively nice, but consistently nice to everyone. Working with jerks is probably the thing that people hate about their jobs the most. Don’t be one of those people, and you’ll have a long and satisfying career.

Great Leadership: 15 Timeless Work Habits for Career Success

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LinkedIn Digital Postcards create Powerful Connections

Are you using LinkedIn to advance your business/career? #linkedin #linkedintips #linkedinmarketing #linkedincompanypage

From it’s powerful networking strategies, endorsements and recommendations, groups and discussions, LinkedIn continues to fine-tune new ways for professionals to connect with one another. Going beyond the editable profile, LinkedIn has a powerful new connection tool: Digital Postcards

LinkedIn Digital Postcards create powerful personal connections



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Creating a Social Workplace

Only slightly over half of workers — 52% — report feeling valued on the job. #employeeengagement #employeedevelopment

Year to year, these employee dissatisfaction statistics seem to change little. Too often, employees feel like they’re completing tasks because they have to; they don’t see how their tasks factor into overall company goals.

Creating a more social workplace may be the solution. Opportunities for teamwork and collaboration can help employees stop seeing themselves as individual task-doers and start seeing themselves as valuable team members, leading to a boost in employee morale and, ultimately, motivation and productivity.

If you’ve got unengaged, stressed, sluggish or dissatisfied employees, it may be time to create a more social workplace.

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