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Speak From The Heart

Difficult conversations with difficult people come in all sorts of situations and circumstances.  Often they involve a sensitive topic, and we worry about finding the perfect time and perfect place to approach it.

So how do you engage in a difficult conversation with a difficult person?

The answer is in the heart.

Speak From The Heart

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Elevator Pitch is about Connecting Emotionally

We revolutionize the elevator pitch by approaching it from a completely different paradigm. Madison Avenue knows that they way to sell a product is to connect with people on an emotional level, and billions are spent to do this through advertising. We approach the elevator pitch the same way – from an emotional level.

It’s scary for a lot of people because talking about emotion is business is not something most people are familiar with. So our clients have to come into this with a certain amount of openness and self-confidence. #elevatorpitch

Recently, we sat down with Micheal Platania of Powerfully Committed to talk about Elevator Pitches.  We met Michael a few years back at Toastmasters in San Francisco.

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The 4 Fundamental Pillars of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about being more aware of our emotions and what they are signaling to us.

A complete summary of everything you need to know about emotional intelligence and how to apply it to your life.

4 Fundamental Pillars of Emotional Intelligence

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Regulation
  3. Empathy
  4. Social skills


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