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How social influencers can boost your business

How to charm online influencers — and why you should #influencers #brandmarketing #brandmanagement

Reaching out to online influencers can be a good way to build buzz for your brand, but you’ve got to do it right, say Jay Swansson and Joe Griffin of iAcquire. That means being civil, human and interesting, and tailoring your outreach efforts to the specific influencer you’re trying to win over. “It should be a mutually beneficial relationship. Add value before asking anything in return,” Swansson says.

Q-and-A: How social influencers can boost your business | SmartBlogs

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Do Really Need the Latest and Greatest?

Online Marketing 101: Are You Prone to Shiny Object Syndrome?

Are You Prone to Shiny Object Syndrome? – Stricken with the Syndrome? Don’t get caught up with the latest and greatest, unless you’ve asked yourself these five questions first. We’ve all been guilty of this before, but there are ways to avoid it.

It’s hard to resist the latest digital marketing craze — from Facebook to gamification to Vine. Before launching into a new online marketing tactic,…

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Give Better Presentations by Avoiding These Mistakes

Warning: Do Not Read This If You Want to Give Awesome Presentations

Giving relevant, interesting and sharable presentations have been an instrumental part of our digital marketing strategy. That’s right, presentations given in real life are part of our digital strategy. In today’s connected world, when you talk to one person, you’re talking to 1,000. So it follows that when you give a presentation to 100 people, you could be reaching thousands or more.

If you’re investing in the optimization of your content and advertising, then why not optimize the performance of your public speaking? Don’t ignore the impact of such a powerful means for connecting with people that want to buy from you or who can influence others to buy.

Give Awesome Presentations

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