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Gaining Confidence as a New Entrepreneur

No matter how nervous you are, the most important step in gaining #confidence as an #entrepreneur is putting yourself out there and actually running your #business.

After holding exactly two “normal” retail jobs in college, I decided that I got around zero satisfaction from working for a corporation, and that my real professional ambition in life was to call my own shots, work on my own terms, and start my own business. This decision absolutely thrilled me.

Starting A New Business? Here Are Some Of The Quickest Ways To Gain Confidence As A New Entrepreneur – by Dumb Little Man

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Business Coaching Poised for Growth

After taking a hit during the recession as consumers and companies cut nonessential spending, demand for #businesscoaching is forecast to pick up, as consumers will update their skill sets to reenter the #workforce, and companies will look to provide better #training programs for their staff.

Business Coaching in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld has Been Updated

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Tribe Management

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.

What people really want is the ability to connect to each other, not to companies. So the permission is used to build a tribe, to build people who want to hear from the company because it helps them connect, it helps them find each other, it gives them a story to tell and something to talk about.

Instead of looking for customers for your products, you seek out products (and services) for the tribe. #tribebuilding

Tribes encourages us all to think differently about leadership and why now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to lead.  Take a risk, back yourself and learn why it’s easier than ever to change everything. Watch the TED Talk Here

Seth’s Blog: Tribe Management

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Marketing Plan & Positioning

A market plan identifies (through market research) unmet needs in the marketplace and provides a strategic guideline as to how the organization intends to provide an offering (product or service) to fulfill these needs while generating a profitable rate of return. It will indicate the position, or market “niche”, for the organization and identify the necessary resources to implement the marketing strategy. And finally, the market plan becomes a useful benchmark for which to measure the success of the organization’s marketing strategies. #marketplan #marketingplan

A market plan identifies (through market research) unmet needs in the marketplace and provides a strategic guideline for its marketing strategy

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