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A Dozen Ways to Use the New LinkedIn Mentions

How will you use this new feature on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments below…

LinkedIn launched Mentions this morning, a new way for members to engage in professional conversations by mentioning connections and companies on the LinkedIn

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Can limitations make you more creative?

Answer by Eberto Burgos Mendoza:

I think Yes. One example of this, If you have money limitations in your business you will think more in how to take advantage of your budget in order to reach successful goals. In the other case, with a big budget you might try everything. However, you will have limited thinking because you have many chances to succeed and your mind will close to  creativity.

I give you an advice of Richard Branson:

“Having substantial financial backing can actually slow or stop you from identifying your business’s problem areas and coming up with ways to fix them. In many cases, it can be better to start with very little money, since the skills you’ll develop as you overcome the challenges of growing your business will be invaluable – you’ll notice your mistakes earlier and adjust more quickly, which will make for a healthier company,”

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