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What is Business Planning?

Many clients come to us looking for someone to write their business plan.  They think it is like ordering Chinese Food – “a little of this, a little of that and I’ll stop by later to pick it up.”  If you simple want a business plan to follow what you are looking for is  franchise.  They develop the product mix, set the pricing, figure out the marketing and hand you a plan to follow and execute.  And it’s a perfectly viable way to get into business.  But that is not what we do. #business #businessplanning #businessplan

Developing a Business Plan

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Should You Let Employees Work From Home?

The Great Debate: Should You Let Employees Work From Home? Business on Main

Still not sure if telecommuting is right for your company? Why not start small?

“Sometimes employees work better in their own spaces. Sometimes they don’t,” says Emily Taffel, who lets employees at her firm, Mugsy PR in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, telecommute. “But you will not know unless you give it a try.”

Yahoo and Best Buy may have concluded that telecommuting doesn’t work for their companies anymore, but it could still make sense for your business.

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Making Small Changes to Grow Your Business

The 10% Strategy: Growing Your Business by Making Small Incremental Changes

The most effective way to increase your profits is to understand every single cost in your business. Pay particular attention to your marketing spend, is it delivering results or are you paying for services you are not using to their full potential? Do you really need that subscription? Be brutal, if it is not generating an return on investment cut it out.

Know Your Numbers If you are not monitoring the numbers of your business, you are not managing them. Too many small business owners leave their accountant to look after the financial side of their ……

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Would you rather work for or with a company?

Top Performers Never Work “For” A Company

So, which would you rather? Work “for” or “with” a company?

I believe we need employers and they need us. I believe we can free ourselves of The Golden Handcuff Effect and partner with employers to do great things. But most importantly, I believe it begins with deciding to stop working “for” a company and start working “with” them. #careeradvice #performance #workforce

I recently got asked:What’s the one key difference you see in top performerscompared to the rest of the workforce?My answer: Top performers never see themselves as working “for” a compan…

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