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The Four Most Powerful Lessons in Management

#Leaders and managers who couple these approaches with solid knowledge of the market and a worthwhile product or service will find that, over time, they can’t help but succeed. #leadershiptips

These four principles have kept me from getting bogged down in abstraction and from thinking of people as a means to an end, and they’ve guided me to design meaning into my goals.

Four Most Powerful Lessons in Management

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9 Ways To Make Small Talk

#businessnetworking   Small talk is one of those necessary little difficulties of life. I don’t know about you, but when I’m required to make small talk with strangers or acquaintances suddenly I don’t know what words are and even if I did I can’t think of anything remotely interesting to talk about. Yeah, weathers good. Foods good too, yeah. Bye. Fortunately, Gretchen Rubin has ten ways you can make small talk a more productive and easy experience:

Small talk can be a big problem. I want to be friendly and polite, but I just can’t think of a thing to say. Here are some strategies I try when my mind is a blank:

Hi. This is a good website, huh? Weather’s not great though. Here’s ten ways to make small talk.

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Breaking Bad’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

Of course, we could all just emulate one of the most successful “independent businessmen” in the media today, Walter White from AMC’s #BreakingBad. Dylan Tweney shared the tips gleaned from the show’s drug-dealing protagonist in #Business lessons from everyone’s favorite meth cook, Walter White, and it’s eerily funny how applicable the lessons learned from a fictional (yet all-too-real) TV character are to our own real-world businesses.

Yes, even disgruntled science teachers-turned-drug kingpins have a #strategy, because no matter what you’re selling or offering, you need a clearly defined road-map to get it in the hands of your customers.

Breaking Bad contains a lot of valuable advice for entrepreneurs. Sure, Walter White may be a terrible boss. But consider this: Steve Jobs was a terrible boss, and look how well Apple did under his…

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An Entrepreneurial Approach To Everyday Life

If you want to get more out of life for yourself – and others – an #entrepreneurial approach is the most powerful, purposeful course of action. It requires effort and #risk but the #rewards will outweigh the sacrifices. This is why it is called the #business of living. It is a worthy and grand business. I invite you to venture out and experience it for yourself.

The Business Of Living — An Entrepreneurial Approach To Everyday Life

Applying these 12 activities to everyday life is what sets a person, and a business, apart from the pack. You do not have to apply them all to become more entrepreneurial, but the more you apply, the more momentous your endeavors can be. I encourage you to think big.

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