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Planning for Business Success

From our friend Paul Terry – Planning for Business Success #businesstips #businessplanning #businessplan

Many people start small businesses and many seem to fail.  Risks always exist in business.

You can reduce those risks if you set aside time to plan in advance. This means defining your business offerings, doing specific market research, recognizing the essential management skills you need, and projecting realistic financial expectations… in short, you can reduce risks when you write and use a business plan.

Planning for Business Success

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Business Coaching & Executive Strategies

Strategies that get results

We’ve been there, done that. We’ve launched successful ventures, and created a few whoppers along the way. We’ve learned from our mistakes and we pass that onto to you.

Often it’s the small actions you take that can set your company apart from the competition. We help you think beyond dollars and cents to what you truly can offer your customers: Why would someone want to buy from you? What is your key differentiation on the competitive landscape? Do you have a defensible position? What can you learn from your competitors?

We’d love to hear your story

Business Planning, Strategy Formulation & Executive Coaching.

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Even social enterprises need exit strategies

If You’re Out to Change the World, How Do You Know When to Move On?

The smart venture capitalist thinking about exit strategy doesn’t assume that every investment will succeed. With a clear exit strategy, we’re able to see when our continued efforts are no longer effective. We either see the potential for full coverage at a district level in alliance with local governments, local communities, and the local private sector, or we leave because we cannot catalyze that activity. We either wind down as others step in or we recognize that we are part of the problem because we are making ourselves a permanent development fixture, and close.

In short, we either transform lives by working in a way that actually keeps water flowing, or we do not. Either way, we exit. #leadershipdevelopment

Even social enterprises need exit strategies.

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What is Business Planning?

Many clients come to us looking for someone to write their business plan.  They think it is like ordering Chinese Food – “a little of this, a little of that and I’ll stop by later to pick it up.”  If you simple want a business plan to follow what you are looking for is  franchise.  They develop the product mix, set the pricing, figure out the marketing and hand you a plan to follow and execute.  And it’s a perfectly viable way to get into business.  But that is not what we do. #business #businessplanning #businessplan

Developing a Business Plan

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