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Work Your Differences

Having moved to Berlin,  I particularly liked –

“Your accent – no, seriously – have you ever been in a bar in the US with a Scottish accent? People will fall over themselves to talk to you. If you do videos, speak at conferences, record screencasts, or visit with potential investors/partners/etc you’ll be shocked at how you stand out from the crowd and attract an audience.”

If you’ve been reading this blog much, you know I’m something of a contrarian. One of Moz’s core values is, in fact, to be the exception to the rule, and a big part of that comes from my personal ethos of going against the grain.

7 Unlikely Recommendations for Startups & Entrepreneurs – Rand’s Blog

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Berlin challenges rivals in the IT startup scene

“Berlin has a good name in the IT startup scene and plays in the same league as London and Tel Aviv,” said Roesler, who is also vice chancellor. “There’s no reason for our companies to hide. Our goal should be for Berlin to become Europe’s No. 1 IT location.” #berlin #IT #startup


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Microsoft is aiming to get in on Berlin’s startup action

With its Microsoft Ventures program, Redmond is essentially combining its existing start-up outreach initiatives — accelerators, seed funding (through the Bing Fund) and software support (BizSpark) — into one package, while launching a series of new accelerators around the world. The company has already operated accelerators out of Bangalore, Beijing, and Tel Aviv, but with the new program, it will expand to include Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Seattle, and Berlin.

So why Berlin? In short, Microsoft sees opportunities in what has been called the Silicon Valley of Europe. #berlin #startup #microsoft

The software behemoth is set to join a growing fray of tech accelerators in the city.

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Google+ for Greater Visibility

Looking to get more visibility? Add your Google+ pages in the comments below for others to like.  Obviously, as a courtesy, it would be nice if you liked the other pages on the list to help other group members visibility.

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