Stop Selling Start Listening

STOP SELLING #salestips #selling #unmetneeds

Seriously, stop selling.  “But I need to make a living.” you say.  You will trust me.

Many of us launch our business with the intent on selling something.  “Here’s my thing, do you want it?” And most often, they don’t.

What our clients want is for you to make their lives easier, better, rewarding, etc.  And we can’t do this by selling them something.  We do this by listening.  By understanding what they need.  What they want.  Then we often them a solution to meet this need.  And not surprisingly, a solution that meets an unmet need, needs no selling.

Part of understanding a client’s need is to distinguish between causes and symptoms.  “I am too busy.” is a symptom.  We need to dig deeper.  Why are they too busy? “I am too busy because I am always waiting for responses from others and when they arrive late – as usual – I am left scrambling to meet deadlines.”  Now we have the cause and we have something to focus on.  How do we improve the response time from the interested parties?

Selling is convincing you, you need what I have.  And if I don’t know your needs that’s like flinging mud on the wall to see what sticks. Not an efficient means communicating.  We have to approach our clients differently.  We need offer something that makes their life better and we can only do that if we understand what isn’t being satisfied.

Sometimes we don’t have something to meet those unmet needs.  That’s OK.  Perfect opportunity for a referral.  You still were able to meet an client’s needs, and they remember that.  The client is happy, your referral partner is happy and both will think highly of you the next time they need something.

So, stop selling already and start listening.

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