With the wheels of time moving fast the trends of technology also get escalated. Solutions become simple, even for complex situations. We could can look into the face and converse with people all over the world, we can book our requirements without standing in a queue, shop with all our heart just sitting on our cot and what more you can even design your own app without using a single line of code. Now it’s your turn, convert your ideas into exciting apps using the following app development platforms.

Appery .io is a stunning cloud platform for developing hybrid and mobile web apps. It stands tall in the arena of app building with its optimized and rapid service. It gives an intriguing and appealing effect during the course of work.The Visual app builder runs the apps directly in the browser after being completely built. The apps are supported with complete API backend and integrations. It is owned and marketed by Appery, LLC which comes under Exdale Inc. Appery .io is leading to be an accomplished low-code app development platform which serves to be completely secure. It fascinates the users with its ravishing combination of strong backend support and marveling front end design. So folks get set, feel the pleasure of building your own app with Appery .io!

 Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a crowning Geo based app development platform serving a wide range of brands all over the globe. It commenced with the aspect of mobilizing things and enabling them to leap forward. It still serves brands like Taylor Swift, Adele, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the Dallas Mavericks, Universal Pictures, the Aspen Ideas Festival, Harvard University, Wynn Las Vegas, and Hollywood Casino. This giant app builder has succeeded in creating more than 500 apps which won the favor of over 50 million users who downloaded them. Intellectsoft, which is an award winning software service provider has recently taken up Mobile Roadie. Performing to the extreme the platform with its unique user-friendly nature is promising and productive with high quality.


The Shoutem app development platform comes up with powerful factors as CMS which lets the database connect through shoutem API. The platform is highly user-friendly which could enable anyone to design an app without a single line of code in it. Customization is simple here. It can be tried free of cost initially. The product is available in available in monthly and annual basis. The four different packs available are basic, advance, unlimited and enterprise. The advance pack is the most famous one which includes iPhone apps android apps HTML 5 apps and push notifications. Shoutem provides unlimited support and maintenance. Upgrades are free of cost and they are very simple. The dashboard is flexible enough to upgrade the contents of the app. On the whole, Shoutem serves as a perfect platform for developing an app to reach out to the world!


BiznessAPPS turns to be remarkable when it comes to designing of apps for business purpose. In the race of life when everybody is busy moving toward their goals people hunt for options to broaden the borders of their business. One of the finest ways to cherish business is by bringing up apps to speak for your business. In a single touch, the business reaches a customer whose really in need of a deal. Marketing a business through an app is far simpler than in any other medium. The Apps can be made in a user-friendly manner with BiznessAPPs . They can be made self-explanative and simple so it could be great to understand and accesses by common people.


Appmakr is an excellent option when you have got to design an app which is perfectly secure. Nobody need to code to build an app using Appmakr, all that one has to do is to drag and drop as per their wish It is dead simple just click and create your ideas as an app .the platform serves to be protected as they are partnering with McAfee and MetaCert for establishing security standard. The key point which makes AppMakr stand is the security features it provides. The user-friendly nature paves way for more app lovers to try for one. In addition to the security standards of the app, it also has the secured OAuth access controls. Make your app safe and simple with the Appmakr.


Fed up of playing the old games in your mobile apps? Wait no more, here is your chance to change your fascinating ideas, platforms on HTML 5, android, IOS, IOX with GameSalad. They platform embrace your creativity and formulate them as games. Convert your exciting innovations into applications for games and spread the zeal to people around. See your imaginations animated in reality. GameSalad is absolutely user-friendly as there is nothing to do with coding, it’s just the matter of designing our thoughts with a few drags and drops. Why your imaginations and come up with a stunning app!


AppMachine is one of the most sensational tools for designing applications. The platform serves to be one of the simplest on the market which helps us to have our ideas get converted to apps. It gives you the delight of designing the app as per your wish completely right from every single button to the events in the app right from the scratch. This can be performed using the Layout Manager which is an inbuilt feature of the platform. There is a wide variety of choice for designing as we are provided with 15 navigations at a single go.


The AppyPie reigns for its additional features that it bestows the users with. Its provides us extraordinary features like push notifications, passbook, GPS, social profile, photo gallery, audios, eBook, shopping carts etc. Its offers act as the catchy topping which attracts the users to go to the platform. The app can be designed in a bonny and complete manner with the different options that are available in the app. It would go for the ones who demand unique multimedia in the product


TheAppBuilder does an awesome job if people are looking for a cost effective and an eminent app building platform. Just imagine, an app of your own in just 30 minutes sounds incredible, right? Create your app without consuming a lot of time and money. Come on hurry up jump in for TheAppBuilder!


The AppFactory specializes in making quick apps in just around 5 minutes. A unique feature of the platform is its automatic content update. The AppFactory perks with other features also like UI design, backend support and web designing.

Go and get your own its time

Design your own app, move your business and innovations to the next level. Be a part of the great mobilizing revolution. With everything going techy, let’s find a place to stand unique. The more accessible and user-friendly the more the business gets promoted. Find your customers as easy as possible. Gather your audience and get things done with just a click in your app. Make things sound big, get your thoughts reach the world, let your boundaries widen!

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of, best PHP scripts Development Company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which developed a Zoplay Scripts. I’m a Tech geek; Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.