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Social Media Tips for Business Networking, Content Creation and Best Practices

Should You Be Using Google+?

Google+, on paper anyway, is the world’s second largest social network after Facebook. And while Facebook’s user-ship now tops one billion, G+’s remains considerably lower than that at around 500 million.

Certainly this number is nothing to balk at, but it’s undoubtedly true that a great many of Google+’s 500 million users have accounts merely because they were issued them after they signed up for another Google service like Gmail or YouTube….

An article discussing Google+ and whether you should be using it.

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Tips to Expand Your Social and Business Circles

These are just some ways to expand your social and business circles.  Hopefully they’ll give you enough of a spark to get moving and expanding your reach, both in your personal and professional endeavors. #networking

Is your social life lacking? Do you spend most of your time alone with nothing to do and nobody to do it with? Are you tired of wanting to go out and experience new things, but have virtually nobody to do it with? What about work? Are you looking to increase your boundaries and finally reach …

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B2B Content Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn

4 strategies for successful B2B marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the key social network for business-to-business marketers, and tailoring B2B efforts through strategies such as encouraging discussion and the sharing of content is vital, Roger Katz writes. Companies should target potential audience members by developing follower personas that can be targeted by industry, seniority and even location, Katz advises.

Targeting content both on- and off-site based on LinkedIn personas opens up a rich new world of content marketing opportunity.

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