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Reinventing Venture Capital

Venture Capital Business Is in Midst of Disruption, Says Mark Suster – Video

With capital concentration on the rise and the number of active venture firms now fewer than 100, by some estimates, VCs need to think differently, Suster said. If they do, “in my mind, it’s actually morning in venture capital.”

Venture capitalists can’t afford to be complacent about changes coming to their business, Mark Suster told general partners at Thomson Reuters’ Venture Alpha East conference in Boston earlier this mon…

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Most Important Capital Source for A Startup

Customer revenues are a great source of funding because they don’t dilute equity. #equity #capital #customer

But more importantly, the best customers provide smart revenue. They understand the market because they are the market. They are the ones who have the problems to which you can provide the solution. Unless you’re Steve Jobs, they understand their own needs and tastes better than you do. If you let them, if you listen right, they will help you design your products and they will even tell you how to sell them. Good customers are interested in quality, not just price. And they are also interested in your long-term success, because they want you to continue providing service and support – and future follow-on products and services.

Good customers will tell you what the market wants. I have just been traveling through Azerbaijan and Russia, talking about how to foster an entrepreneurial economy.* Generally, the conversation goes

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