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Coaching vs. Consulting

Consultants Give Advice” — Really? | Coaching and Action Learning

It seems that many coaches distinguish coaching from consulting by asserting that consultants “give advice” to clients and coaches “work from the inside-out” with clients.

It seems to me that it’s less important to have opposing definitions of coaching and consulting, and more important to focus on clarity of roles at any given time with a particular client. Whether a client calls me a coach or a consultant, my job is to help them develop capacities that they don’t currently have, so that they can produce results that are currently unavailable to them. I don’t subscribe to the view that clients have all the answers that they need inside of them – none of us knows what we don’t know – so I see offering news ways of seeing and thinking about a situation as part of what good coaches do. Good consultants, too.

By Carter McNamara on December 2, 2012. The following post was posted by Carter McNamara in the LinkedIn’s group, International Coach Federation. There are two responses following Carter’s post. What …

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