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Berlin challenges rivals in the IT startup scene

“Berlin has a good name in the IT startup scene and plays in the same league as London and Tel Aviv,” said Roesler, who is also vice chancellor. “There’s no reason for our companies to hide. Our goal should be for Berlin to become Europe’s No. 1 IT location.” #berlin #IT #startup

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Microsoft is aiming to get in on Berlin’s startup action

With its Microsoft Ventures program, Redmond is essentially combining its existing start-up outreach initiatives — accelerators, seed funding (through the Bing Fund) and software support (BizSpark) — into one package, while launching a series of new accelerators around the world. The company has already operated accelerators out of Bangalore, Beijing, and Tel Aviv, but with the new program, it will expand to include Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Seattle, and Berlin.

So why Berlin? In short, Microsoft sees opportunities in what has been called the Silicon Valley of Europe. #berlin #startup #microsoft

The software behemoth is set to join a growing fray of tech accelerators in the city.

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The Need for Business English in an Increasingly Global Workforce

Two recent groundbreaking studies — the 2013 Business English Index (BEI) and the Globalization of English (GOE) report—confirm the primacy of Business English as the de facto language of business. #businessenglish

A look at the 2013 Business English Index & Globalization of English Research

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National Small Business Week Turns 50

America was made by entrepreneurs — individuals whose hard work and tenacious spirits allowed them to build our nation, brick by brick and storefront by storefront, into what it is today. For hundreds of years we have relied on small-business owners to carry our economy forward, buoy it when it falters and rebuild it when it crumbles. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed the first National Small Business Week to honor the individuals whose sacrifices and triumphs make up the backbone of this nation. This week marks the 50th anniversary of that proclamation. While the economy has had its ups and downs over the years, the fortitude of our small businesses and the honor we bestow on them hasn’t changed a bit. #entrepreneurship

National Small Business Week Turns 50 | Commentary

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